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 Social Studies
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Articles Books Videos
Prevetion and Solutions
Preventions and Solutions of Challenges
Ethnic Divesity
Ethnic Diversity
Campaign Financing
Campaign Finances
Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment
Seperation of Church and State
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Debt and Deficits
Ethnic Diversity
Ethnic Diversity
Domestic Violence
Domestic Abuse
Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse
Energy Problems
Energy Crisis
Climate Change
Gun Control
Gun Control
Human Trafficking
Political Unrest
Political Instability
Religious Wars
Religious Wars
Sexual Equality
Sexual Equality
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Global Issues
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Global Challenges


SociologyProblems, issues and challenges that face the human race. Problems and challenges have always been part of human existence. Today we face issues that are unique to our state of affairs. They need to be recognized and dealt with legislatively, culturally and in ways that are fair and equitable.
Abortion Report Sites
After Abortion Abortion Reports - All Documents
NCBI - NIH Reproductive Health | CDC
Pew Research Center Charlotte Lozier Institute
BBC News Johnston's Archive
Aging Report Sites
Aging National Institute on Aging - NIH
UN Current Population Reports: Special Studies
WHO Population Reference Bureau
UNFPA American Planning Association
Pew Research-On average, older adults spend over half their waking hours alone
Campaign Financing
Proper Use of Campaign Funds and Resources | House Committee on Ethics
Campaign Finance Links | OpenSecrets
View Submitted Forms and Reports | Ethics Commission
Campaign Finance in the United States ... - Bipartisan Policy Center
Death Penalty
Reports | Death Penalty Information Center
Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) - Capital Punishment
State Reports on Capital Punishment Issues
Death Penalty | Amnesty International
Capital Punishment - The New York Times
The Gowers Report and Capital Punishment - Yale Law School Legal ..
Report Censorship - National Coalition Against Censorship
Reports - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship
Educators, Librarians, and Community Members Report Censorship ...
Internet Censorship Amnesty International USA
Special report: censorship in cyberspace | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Separation of Church and State
Report a State/Church Violation - Freedom From Religion Foundation
Separation Of Church And State -
Time The Real Meaning of the Separation of Church and State
Fighting for the Separation of Church and State | Psychology Today
Separation of Church and State in the United States - Oxford Research ...
Civil Right and Human Rights
Reporting on the Civil Rights Movement - Nieman Reports
Civil Rights Movement: Reports and letters from the field.
Publications | The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Civil Rights: Reporting Then | NewseumED
NAACP | Civil Rights Legislative Report Cards
Reporting Crime | USAGov
Report a Crime | DOJ | Department of Justice
Crime & Courts News: Trials, Murders, Missing Persons & More - NBC ...
Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics
Reports on World Crime Trends
The Crime Report | Your Complete Criminal Justice Resource
Debt and Deficit
Government spending: How rising federal debt, deficit impact Americans
US Federal Deficit by Year - plus Charts and Analysis
Government Debt and Deficits - Econlib
Deficit vs. Debt: What's the Difference Between Them - The Balance
Government - Debt Position and Activity Report - TreasuryDirect
Ethnic Diversity Multiculturalism
Modern Workplace: Ethnic Diversity | Financial Times
McKinsey Research Again Reports Cultural and Ethnic Diversity ...
Reports & Data | UC Diversity
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace | PeopleScout
U.S. News & World Report - Gender and Ethnic Diversity Make Impact ...
Natural and Man Made Disasters
Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2017: a ... - ReliefWeb
Types of Disasters - Natural and Man-made | ICDO
Natural and Man-Made Disaster and their Impact on Environment
Types of Disaster - Natural and Man-Made - RestoreYour Economy
Natural and Man-Made Disasters: Be Prepared with a Recovery Plan ...
Domestic Violence
Statistics - NCADV
Reporting to Police - The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Violence against women - World Health Organization
Unreported cases of domestic violence against women: towards an ..
Mandatory Reporting of Domestic Violence - Family Law - FindLaw
Domestic Violence Report - Civic Research Institute - Criminal Justice ...
Drug Abuse
Crime and criminal justice - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Publications - Research Reports | National Institute on Drug Abuse ...
Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health
WHO | Drugs
Energy Crisis
America's Next Energy Crisis - Forbes
Solving the Energy Crisis - as Featured in a Special Report for The Times
Averting the next energy crisis: The demand challenge | McKinsey
Electricity Crisis - Congressional Budget Office
Archived: Research Reports -
NEA - Research Reports & Statistics
Education Week Research Center: The Latest Education Research ..
Digital Education - Research/Reports Archives - Education Week
Research and foresight - UNESCO
Environmental Crisis
Environmental Issues News -- ScienceDaily
Research Reports | Environmental Law Institute
Environmental sciences - Latest research and news | Nature
Environmental Research and Development Technical Reports ...
Environmental Protection through Research - EPA
Gun Control
Statistics and Research on Gun Violence - Gun Violence and Libraries ...
Gun Violence: CQR
Evaluating Methods and Findings from a Study of State Gun Policies
Effect of Gun Culture and Firearm Laws on Gun Violence and ...
Gun Control Legislation - Federation Of American Scientists
Health Care
U.S. Healthcare System Research Paper Starter -
Research Papers / Publications - Health Care Management
Health Products | Health News - Consumer Reports
U.S. GAO - Key Issues: Health Care Quality and Access
Reforming America's Healthcare System Through Choice -
Healthcare report | Latest News, Events, Resources in Healthcare
Lancet-Health Effects of Dietary Risks in 195 Countries, 1990-2017:a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
State of Homelessness - National Alliance to End Homelessness
Annual Reports - National Alliance to End Homelessness
AHAR Reports - HUD Exchange
U.S. GAO - Key Issues: Homelessness
National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty - Reports
UN Expert's Report on Poverty in America Highlights the ...
Human Trafficking
Global Report on Trafficking in Persons - United Nations Office on Drugs and Trafficking
Trafficking in Persons Report - Department of State
Human trafficking reports - Anti-Slavery International
Trafficking in human beings - Interpol
Human Trafficking | Department of Justice
What Is Human Trafficking? | Homeland Security
World Hunger
2018 Global Report on Food Crises | WFP | United Nations World ...
Hunger In America Study | Feeding America
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World - FAO
Research Reports | Freedom from Hunger
The Jobs Challenge | Bread for the World
Hunger in Times of Plenty -
Immigration and Migration
Immigration Data & Statistics | Homeland Security
Reports | - Migration Policy Institute
Immigration | Pew Research Center
Report | Center for Immigration Studies
Immigration and Citizenship Data | USCIS
Special Report | American Immigration Council
How Big Of A Problem Is Overpopulation? - Forbes
Human Overpopulation - Animal Welfare Institute
Population | United Nations
A New UN Report on our Impending Overpopulation - MercatorNet
Key WWF report fails to address overpopulation - Population Matters
Human Overpopulation: - ResearchGate
World Peace
Global Peace Index - Vision of Humanity
Reports | Institute for Economics and Peace
Global Peace Foundation Annual Reports
10 steps to world peace | New Internationalist
UN, World Bank Reports: Policy Breakthroughs on Sustaining Peace ...
World Peace Foundation Publications - Tufts
Political Instability
Report: Political instability on the rise - CNN -
Structural pressures and political instability: Trajectories ... - ReliefWeb
How Does Political Instability Affect Economic Growth? - IMF
There are lessons to learn from a decade of political instability 
Recurring Storms: Food Insecurity, Political Instability, and Conflict - Report Launch
World Pollution
WHO | Air pollution - World Health Organization
Pollution - US News & World Report
Report: Health of 200 Million Threatened by Pollution - VOA News
The Lancet Commission on pollution and health - The Lancet
Report of the Executive Director: Towards a Pollution-Free Planet | UN ..
Environmental News and Videos
World Poverty
Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights
Poverty Home - World Bank Group
Decline of Global Extreme Poverty Continues but Has Slowed: World ...
9 World Poverty Statistics that Everyone Should Know
World Bank reports slower progress on extreme poverty 
Report: Extreme Poverty Declining Worldwide - VOA News
Racism | The Latest News on Racism - US News & World Report
How to combat people's racial bias, according to the research - Vox
Racism | News, Videos & Articles - Global News
Report of the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination ...
Racism: a global analysis - Research Online - UOW
Racism Global Issues
World Refugees
UNHCR - The Global Report
UNHCR - Figures at a Glance
Global Trends - UNHCR
Reports And Briefs Refugees International
Forced Displacement - World Bank Group
Refworld | Country Reports
Religious Wars
Religious conflict in global rise - report - Telegraph
The new wars of religion - The Economist
Peace & Religion Report - Institute for Economics and Peace
Religion in World affairs - United States Institute of Peace
Religion and Conflict - Luc Reychler - George Mason University
Country Reports on Terrorism - Department of State
Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism
The New State Department Report on Terrorism: Rethinking the ...
This Patterns of Global Terrorism report
Terrorism - Our World in Data
Global Terrorism Index - Vision of Humanity
Gender Equality
The Global Gender Gap Report 2018 | World Economic Forum
United Nations: Gender equality and women's empowerment
Global Issues: Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
Mapped: The best (and worst) countries for gender equality
Gender Equality | UN Global Compact
Gender Inequality Index - | Human Development Reports - UNDP
World Employment and Social Outlook
World Bank Stats on World Unemployment Graphs and Charts
The Global Risks Report 2018 - Reports - World Economic Forum
Global Unemployment Rate Stabilizing - VOA News
Unemployment - Unemployment rate - OECD Data
Unemployment Rates by Country - Investopedia
Voter Turnout Database | International IDEA
Political Engagement Around the World | Pew Research Center
The Crisis of Election Security - The New York Times
Expanding Democracy: Voter Registration Around the World
Voting and Registration - Census Bureau
Voting and Election History | USAGov
Global Conflict Tracker - Council on Foreign Relations
War and Peace - Our World in Data
People on War Report - The Global Report
The future of war - The new battlegrounds - The Economist
Children in war - Unicef
Costs of War - The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs