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EnglishPoetry: The use of rhyme and imagery to express emotions. Poetry has been said that it is a window to our souls .
Inglish Poetry Glossary of Peotic Terms Rhyming Dictionary
English Google Search Engine Glossary of Poetic Terms Rhyming Dictionary
Online Resources
Sporcle Wikipedia Poetry 4 Kids Poetry Teachers
eNotes Poetry Links Poetry Express Poetry Handbook
Fun Trivia database
ProProf Poetry Archive Scholarly Articles Fooling with Words
WebPoetry Fact Monster Poetry Outloud Poetry for Kids
Poetry Foundation Academy of American Poets
Forms and Types
Forms of Poetry Genres of Poetry Types of Poetry Poetry Terms & Poetry Forms
Basic Elements
Buzzle SparkNotes Learn.lexiconic Basic Elements of Poetry
DocSlide Lexiconic Poetry and Its Elements
Understanding Poetry
Wikipedia ReadWriteThink CliffNote-Analyzing Poetry
WikiHow The Writing Center Understanding Poetry PDF
YoExpert Basic Metaphor Understanding Poetry
Sophia SlideShare YouTube-How to Read Poetry
Famous Poets Shadow Poetry Famous Poets and Poetry  
Poetry Soup Biography Online Famous Poems by Famous Poets  
Sporcle Quiz The Famous People  
Famous Poems
Love Poems 101 Famous Poems
Poetry Soup Top 500 Poems 100 Best Poems Ever Written