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Moving and School Selection

ParentsTrying to decide what school is the best for your child? If you are a parent and need to move, it is important that  you find a school that meets your financial, social and academic needs. Below are pages and sites that will aid you in your endeavors. Here is some help! 
Education Sites Academy Boarding School Homeschool Montessori  
Education Academy Boarding Home School Montessori  
Private Education Public School Tutor Charter School HUD  
Private Tutors Public Charter HUD   
Online Books 
Evaluating School Programs: An Educator's Guide Picky Parent Guide : Choose Your Child's School.. 
Online Resources
School Match Boarding Schools Public Schools Review
Admissions Quest Scholarly Articles Public School Directory
National Center for Education Statistics
School Statistics in Real Estate 
Stats About All US Cities School Search-National Center for Education Statistics 
 School Evaluations
1. Visit the school or schools in the prospective district, look at their websites and then physically make a call.
2. Is the school well kept, clean, quiet and friendly?
3. Are the teachers and administration all certified? 
4. What is the philosophy that is the foundation of their teaching practices?
5. If it is a private school what will be the total cost per year?
6. Is there a dress code in which your children would have to abide?
7. What are their discipline policies and how are they enforced?
8. Meet with some of the faculty and judge them on how well versed they are on the subject matter and their friendliness with children.
9. Check the internet evaluate its funding (money counts for supplies, equipment, maintenance and staff).
10. Check to see if the school or district is accredited and what is its standing under federal and state laws.
11. Check the library, computer labs and classroom computers to see if the equipment is well placed, up-to-date and reliable.
12. Ask to see copies of their textbooks; are they current, excessively worn or non existent?
13. Does the cafeteria provide a nourishing, well balanced meal, instead of hot dogs, pizza and fries. ( you might question the logic of snack and soda dispensers if available)?
14. Remember to always keep in mind that the school will effect your child's futue long after they have moved out of the house and into their own world.
Online Books 
Remodel Or Move?...  The Home Owner's Manual Operating Instructions........ 
The Moving Survival Guide.. 25 Ways to Ease Your Family's Transition to a New Home 
Online Resources 
HUD Upack United Van Lines  Mortgage Calculators FindYourSpot:
ATT The Balance Real-estate ABC Home Buying Institute   
Ezine Ezine Consumer Affairs Google Scholarly Articles
MSN Umove ApartmentWIZ Ten Tips to Tenants NoLo
Emotional Support Animal Laws for Renters What You Need To Know


1. When hiring a mover read the contract carefully. If anything seems odd or suspicious go somewhere else. 
2. Make sure the mover is legitimate, there has been reports of "movers" driving off with all the owners belongings. 
3. Verify that the mover is licensed and insured. 
4. Check out local laws and regulations on moving procedures and practices. 
5. Never pay a mover in advance!
6. See if the mover offer discounts to students and or senior citizens.
7. Check your furniture for damage or thief  before the mover leaves and inform the driver if you find any issues.
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