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Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Robotics
RoboticsArtificial Intelligence: The creating of a system that can think and act like a human.
Robotics: The creation of machines that perform tasks that replace human activity.
Drones: An unmanned aircraft that can be used by both civilian and military personal.
Robotics Internet Computer Science Drones Glossary
Robot Glossary PC Glossary AI Glossary Drone Glossary
Online Books, Articles and Videos
Books, Articles Videos
Online Resources Artificial Intelligence
What is Artificial Intelligence?
Assistive Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Applications in Robotics by Vibhu O Mittal
AI Scholarly Articles AI IEE Spectrium
Issues in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine
Introduction to AI Robotics by Robin Murphy
Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don't Fire Us?
Nova PBS Artificial Intelligence Pioneers
Why We Should Think About the Threat of AI
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Expert: Governments Must Step in to Prevent Evil, Superpowered AI
Online Resources Robotics
Georgia Tech Robotarium a Robotics Lab Open to Everyone
NASA IEE Spectrium LiveScience Multiple Articles
Wired STEM Works Robots Robotics Open Access Journal
Direct Science National Geographic 4H Robotics Resources
Wikipedia Scholarly Articles History of Robotics
Thomas Nast Robots Scholarly Articles  
Online Resources Drones
Marketplace Robots in the Workplace Robot Proof Jobs
Using Drones: What HR Should Know
More efficient and safer how drones are changing the workplace
Using drones to improve workplace safety
Harvard Business Review Drones Go To Work
Google Scholarly Articles Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace
The Future Of Work: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The Employee Experience
Wall Street Journal How AI is Transforming the Workplace
Wired Brookings Drones IEE Spectrium Discover Magazine
ProCon My Dear Drone* Drone Scholarly Articles MIT Agricultural
MyDrone Oxford Journal Popular Science Air Drone Craze 
Dronezone MDPI Journal Business Insider HowStuff Works 
Workplace Use
Robot Worx Harvard Business Reviews
Engaget Market Watch Online Sciences
Answers IEE Spectrum BBC How AI is Transforming the Workplace
Humanoid Wise Step  
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