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Teacher Library Teaching Guide
TeachersAdvice on how to train students on the uses of the library. Use the library as a source of information and resources for the students. Work with the librarians and media specialists to enhance your classroom activities.
Glossary Internet Security LIbrary Resource Center
Glossary Internet Safety Library Resource Center
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Library Skills: Effective Use of the School Library
Cruising Through Research: Library Skills for Young Adults By John D. Volkman

What They Don't Teach You in Library School

By Elisabeth Doucett
Library Centers: Teaching Information Literacy, Skills, and Processes, K-6

The Library-Classroom Partnership: Teaching Library Media Skills in Middle ...

By Rosann Jweid, Margaret Rizzo
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eHow BMLA Library Education World Wiley-Online Library
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Libraries are a great source of information, advice and experiences that you should share with your student.
1. Encourage the students to get a public library card and use it.
2. Review the Library Page in The Classroom to understand its roll and function.
3. Encourage the students to respect the intellectual atmosphere of a library.
4. Get to know the librarians, they are a great source of information and expertise.
5. Encourage the student to respect the check out materials.
6. Teach the students how to use the card catalog both electronic and manual.
7. Teach the students to be aware of security problems on their use of the internet.
8. If a student uses the library improperly, stealing, damaging, destroying materials, contact the librarian and the parents to discuss the issue.
9. Periodically set up a library day and take the class for staff instruction (stay with them).
10. When you send individuals to the school library beware of their number limits. Many librarians will send them back if you exceed their expectations. Also don't send them just to get them out of your hair, give them a task.
11. Instruct the students about the seriousness of plagiarizing sources. Teach them the proper way of writing reports and research papers. Furthermore discourage them from using online writing services!