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Information Modeling and Relational Databases
Data Warehousing and Mining: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and ...
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Databases
Databases DeMYSTiFieD, 2nd Edition
Advanced Database Systems
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LibraryDatabase: a system in which information is stored in a computer. Databases are used by scientist, historians, librarians, teachers, administrators, journalist and others to get information quickly, and efficiently.
LIbrary Research Reference Museum
Library Research Reference Museums
General Information Education Historical
Wikipedia Eric National Archives
CIA-FactBook UNESCO University of Groningen
Internet Archives University of Missouri
United Nations EPPI University of Connecticut
World Bank St Mary's University EBSCO Information Services
Yale University Wikipedia USA University
British Museum US Dept of Ed Using Databases for Research
UCLA NCES New York Times Historical
Toronto Public Library eLearner History Online
HIH Electronic Medical Library Directory of Open Access Best History Websites
Cyndi"s List Core Cambridge Histories Online
University of New England University of Connecticut America: History and Life
Frances Wilson Library Government/Economics Science and Technology
Cleveland State University FedStats ProQuest
Michigan Research Guide Federal Reserve-Econ. Duke University
English and Literature International Monetary Fund School Library Journal
University of Connecticut St Mary University-Gov Environmental Protection Agecy
University Library Bureau of Labor-Econ Wikipedia
University of Pitsburgh GPO Access-Gov OECD
University of Central Florida US Census US Dept of Energy
English Literature University of Groningen-Econ Wikipedia-List of Sites
University of Connecticut National Archive Center for Disease Control
University of Texas Congressional Voting World Health Organization
Mathematics High Wire
Harvy Mudd Library USA Jobs NASA
MathEduDatabase World Bank Science Direct
Math Archive Homeland Security EBSCO