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American/Canadian Examinations

GuidanceThe method by which students are analyzed to judge the performance  and achievements of any student as an individual or as a group. Educators often refer to what psychologist call psychometrics to judge the accuracy of their results. Numbers are assigned to characteristics such as performance, achievement, traits, intelligence, aptitude, attitudes and interest.
American College Test Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Scholastic Aptitude Tests Test of English as a Foreign Language
General Education Degree Graduate Record Examination
Study Point-Free Information/Resources for ACT, SAT and PSAT
Free Test Online
Practice Test for Standardized Tests Math and Science Practice Common Core, ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP, CLEP, GMAT, GRE, GED
Varsity Tutors Practice tests and problems for common standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, ISEE, and SSAT.
Fabmarks- an open resource library for SAT, ACT, and PSAT prep. Also contains practice questions, simulated full-length tests, and test analytics.
Scholarly Articles BEST GMAT Prep Tips Washington State University.
American College Test ACT
Scholastic Aptitude Tests SAT
Math for SAT Preparing for the SAT SAT Vocabulary on Vocab
SAT SAT Math Practice SAT Site Preparation Plan
SAT Preparation Fair Test Fact Sheet: The SAT Top Ten SAT & ACT Test-Taking Tips
DomeSat SAT Test Taking Approaches Official SAT Reasoning Test page
Math for SAT SAT-Wikipedia Khan Academy-Videos
SAT Preparation Scholarly Articles  
Student-Tutor Outreach SAT Articles
Top 10 New SAT Changes You Should Know About: in Infographics
10 No-Calculator Tips for SAT Math
Score High: Evidence-Based Reading on the SAT
Graduate Record Examination GRE
GRE Prep GRE Practice Questions GRE Tips Techniques
GRE Online Educational Testing Service GRE Test Taking Tips & Techniques 
G.R.E  GRE Practice test GRE General Test  Strategies and Tips
Institution Code Scholarly Articles GRE Test Taking Tips & Techniques
Discover Business Questions, Resources
General Educational Development GED