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Drug Addiction in US Military
National Institute on Drug Abuse
NIDA for Teens
Teen Rx Drug Addiction
Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : Destructive Addicts
Face of addiction -
The effects of crystal meth
Alcohol Abuse
Your Brain on Drugs

Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse: Using addictive and illicit medications illegally and habitually.  Prescription drug abuse has add a new more lethal page to a history of drug abuse in the world. "More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined." Read More at DoSomething
Health Education Smoking Alcoholism Drug Articles
Health Education Smoking Alcoholism Articles
Online Resources
DEA Puberty 101 Emerging Trends in Drug Abuse
N.I.D.A Wikipedia Teens and Drug Abuse
D.A.R.E. Teen Drug Abuse Signs of Addiction and Drug Use
MedlinePlus Prevention Coalition My Child Is Using Drugs........
NCADD Above it All  
SAMHSA US Department of Justice DEA National Institute on Drug Abuse
Orlando Center List from Family Action Center Wikipedia Comprehensive List
Statistics Drinking and Driving Effects Causes
Teen Drug Use Statistics II Drinking & Driving National Institute Better Medicine
NIDA Trends; Statistics The Century Council Drug Abuse/Addiction
Scholarly Articles Alcohol and Driving Healthy Effects LoveToKnow
Illegal Drug Use Statistics Buzzle Prevention Medicine Net
Drug Abuse Help Short History.... Scholarly Articles Teen Drug Abuse
National Inst. on Drug Abuse Drinking &Driving.... NIH Treatment
Addiction Center Alcohol Alert Mayo Clinic NIDA InfoFacts
Drug free world Do Something UNODC A Research-Guide
Michaels House MADD Statistics NIDA Medicinenet
ReNew Everyday CDC Get the Facts NCADD WebMD
College Resources
National Institute Drug Watch
Addiction Center Dual Diagnosis Dept of Ed. Google Scholarly Articles
The National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse
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