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Articles, Videos and Books
SubjectsEnglish: a part of curriculum which is based in the language of The United Kingdom. It includes reading, writing and understanding its culture.
 English Literature 
Online Books 
English Literature: A Very Short Introduction
The Oxford Companion to English Literature
English Literature in Context
The Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature
A History of Old English Literature
 History of English Literature
Online Articles 
Seattleu Google Scholarly Articles Humanities Journals Wiki
Britannica Chicago Tribune Los Angeles Times
Online Books 
Teaching English as a Second Language for Dummies
Teaching English as a Second Language
Introduction to English as a Second Language Teacher's Book
Cambridge English as a Second Language Teacher's Book
Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language
 Barron's English for Foreign Language Speakers
Online Articles  
Questia Research ThoughtCo Google Scholarly Articles
ESLArticles SAGE Journals Los Angeles Times
Grammar Composition
Online Books 
High School English Grammar and Composition Book
Applied English Grammar and composition
Solutions to Applied English Grammar and Composition
Success With Grammar And Composition
Manual of English Grammar and Composition
 Learn Correct English: Grammar, Composition and Usage
Online Articles  
Buzzle Composition Google Scholarly Articles
Sadlier Oxford ThoughtCo Grammar Guide to Writing and Grammar
Online Books 
What are Journalists For?
Introduction to Journalism
Journalism: Principles and Practice
Journalism: State of the Art
Journalism and Society
 A Dictionary of Journalism
Online Articles  
Natural News SAGE Journals Google Scholarly Articles Los Angeles Times Society of Professional Journalist
Online Books 
Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing
How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry
Writing Poetry from the Inside Out......
A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry
A Field Guide to Reading and Writing Poems
Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers
Online Articles  
Poetry Soup Reading Rockets Google Scholarly Articles
Writers Digest Poetry for Dummies WikiHow-How to Write a Poem
Reading Comprehension
Online Books 
A Practical Guide to Reading Comprehension Exercises
Reading Skills for Advanced Students
Basic Reading Skills
Dynamic Reading Skills
Advanced Reading Skills for Students of English Literature
 Improving Reading Skills
Online Articles  
Scholastic Great Schools Google Scholarly Articles
LINCS EDUTOPIA WikiHow How to Improve Reading Skills
Online Books 
Spelling Skills for Active Learning
Skills in Spelling and Vocabulary,
Developing Skills
Spelling: Approaches to Teaching and Assessment
What Teachers Need to Know about Spelling
 Key Spelling: Teachers' Handbook
Online Articles  
TeachHub Right Track Reading Vocabulary Spelling City
LifeHack Reading Rockets Google Scholarly Articles
World Literature
World Literature
Online Books 
What is World Literature?
How to Read World Literature
Aspects of Contemporary World Literature
World Literature Reader: A Reader
Reading World Literature: Theory, History, Practice
 Institutions of World Literature: Writing, Translation, Markets
Online Articles  
Chicago Tribune Google Scholarly Articles Journal of World Literature
COM Library World Literature Today Jim Dan Hill Library
 Comparative Literature as Academic Discipline.