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Ancient Rome
753 BC-1453AD
GlossaryOne of the largest and well organized empires developed along the Tiber River Their well trained army built roads, great cities and fortifications as far as northern Europe, Northern Africa and to the borders of the Persian Empire.
World History Greece Asia Byzantium Persia
World History Greece Asia Byzantium Persia
Social Studies Department Egypt Europe North Africa Mesopotamia
Social Studies Egypt Europe North Africa Mesopotamia
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BBC Roman Way Ancient Daily Life in Ancient Rome
PBS Life in Roman Times Ancient History Life in Roman Times
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Wikimedia SoftSchool Quatra Wikipedia Crystalinks
Roman Empire Dates & Events History for Kids History Learning ThoughtCo Ancient History
Digital Maps Wikipedia History on the Net Rome Empire Ancient World Wikipedia
Bible History Mr. Dunn Duckster Crystalinks Duckster Softschool
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Wikipedia Roman Women Ancient History Roman Emperors
ThougthCo Forum Romanum History on The Net-Religion
Crystal Links Internet Sourcebook Online Encyclopedia Roman Rulers
History101 National Geographic Wikipedia Roman Emperor
PBS The 1st Century Wikipedia-Religion Wikipedia List of Emperors
BBC-Ancient Romans Roman Paganism Public Broadcasting Service Emperors
History Channel PBS-Religion Illustrated History of The Roman Empire
Mr. Donn For 500 Years Rome was an Empire