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Ancient Egypt
3100 BC-30 BC

EgyptFor over 5000 years Egypt built a civilization that reached great heights and achievements. Run by God Kings called Pharaohs they were the dominate power of North Africa and the Middle East.
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Online Books
Ancient Egypt by D.P. Silverman The Egyptian Book of the Dead by Sir E. Alfred
Life in Ancient Egypt by L.T. Denault The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by E. Payne
Egypt of the Pharaohs: by Alan Henderson Gardiner
Online Resources
Crystalinks British Museum Ancient Nile History Source Book
BBC History Akhet Egyptians Livius Pharaohs Canadian Museum Religion
Sacred Texts Guardians of Egypt National Geographic Ancient Egypt Online
History Links Egyptian Resource Kidsworld Pharaohs Bibliography of Ancient Egypt
Wikipedia PBS Pharaohs Looklex Religion History Channel
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