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Mesopotamian Civilizations
In the Middle East thousands of years ago there developed many civilizations that contributed to: our ways of thought, war, trade, laws, religion, communications and organizations of our lives. This region, also called the Fertile Crescent, set the foundation for our farming, religious, political, economic and social traditions.
World History
World History
Greece Rome Asia Byzantium Persia Egypt Assyria
Greece Rome Asia Byzantium Persia    Egypt Assyria
Babylonia Chaldea Hittite Hyksos Lydia Sumeria Israel
 Babylonia Chaldea Hittite Hyksos Lydia Sumerian Israel
Phoenicians Mythology Pagans Anthropology Archaelogy Social Studies Time Line
Phoenicia Mythology Paganism Anthropology Archaeology Social Studies TimeLine
Online Books
The World's Earliest Civilization by Kathleen Kuiper
The Material Foundations by Daniel T Potts
Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations by Gretchen Wildwood, Rupert Mathews
Portrait of a Dead Civilization by A. Leo Oppenheim

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