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Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Arthur C Clark Discussion
National Geographic | Exploring the Universe Documentary 2017 HD
Life in The Universe Documentary | HD 1080p
The First Moment Of Time | The Universe - Space Documentary HD
How the Universe Works Twin Suns: The Alien Mysteries - Space Discovery Documentary
Full Documentary 2018 - Black Holes: Mysteries Of The Universe - New NOVA Space Documentary HD
Space of time Unsolved mysteries of space Documentary national geography 2018
Documentary 2015 Universe Documentary Clockwork and Creation & Frozen Wanderers
Living Universe. Documentary about space.
Venus & Mercury - A Traveler's Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary
Explore The Milky Way Galaxy
Travelling Between Galaxies - National Geographic The Universe
How Long Can You Survive on Each Planet?
What If the Sun Disappeared Right Now?
The Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Outer Space
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AstronomyAstronomy: The scientific study of the Galaxies, Stars, Nebulae, Solar Systems and the Universe. It deals with a celestial object's relationship to the Earth, size, position, composition, motion, evolution and energy. Astronomers use telescopes, satellites, computers, space stations and observatories to study the universe.
Online Books
Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction by Kevin W. Plaxco and Michael Gross 
Astrobiology: Future Perspectives edited by P. Ehrenfreiun, W.M. Irvine, T. Owen, L. Becker, J. Blank, J.R. Brucato, L. Colangeli, S. Derennne, A. Dutrey, D. Despois, A. Lazcano, F. Robert 
Astrobiology: Origins from the Big-Bang to Civilisation by J. Chela-Flores, G. A. Lemarchand, J. Oro 
Astrobiology: Exploring Life in the Universe by Lewis Dartnell 
Online Articles
Scholarly articles for astrobiology scientific articles
Astrobiology News, Articles | The Scientist Magazine®
News & Discoveries | Astrobiology
NASA Research on Astrobiology
Journal of Astrobiology Out Reach Program
Online Books
Fundamentals of Astrometry by Jean Kovalevsky and P. Kenneth Seidelmann
Galactic and Solar System Optical Astrometry by L. V. Morrison, Royal Greenwich Observatory, University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy
Modern Astrometry by Jean Kovalevsky
Astrometry of Fundamental Catalogues: The Evolution from Optical to Hans G. Walter, Ojars Sovers
Online Articles
Scholarly Scientific Articles for Astrometry
National Geographic: Where, exactly, is the edge of space? It depends on whom you ask.
Frontiers | The Future of Astrometry in Space | Astronomy and Space ..
Astrometry - Scholarpedia
Popular Science Articles - Cosmos
5 questions in Astrometry | Science topic - ResearchGate
Online Books
Astrophysics: A New Approach by Wolfgang Kundt
Theoretical Astrophysics: Volume 3 Galaxies and Cosmology by T Padmanabhan
Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos by Judith Ann Irwin
Astrophysics: Stars and Galaxies by K.D Abhyankar
Astrophysics: Stars and Galaxies
Online Articles
Scholarly articles for Astrophysics Scientific Articles
Astrophysics News -- ScienceDaily
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics - IOPscience
Astrophysics - Scientific American
Astrophysics Articles|OMICS International|Journal Of Astrophysics And ..
Galactic Astronomy
Online Books
Galaxy Formation & Evolution by H. Mo, F. van den Bosch, S. White
Galaxy Formation and Evolution By Hyron Spinrad
Deep Millimeter Surveys: Implications for Galaxy Formation and Evolution..
Multiwavelength Mapping of Galaxy Formation and Evolution...
Galaxy Evolution Across the Hubble Time
Galactic Dynamics by James Binney and Scott Tremaine
Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution: Proceedings of ...
Galactic Astronomy by James Binney and Michael Merrifield
Online Articles
Scholarly articles for Galaxies scientific articles
Galaxy Information and Facts | National Geographic
Galaxies | An Open Access Journal from MDPI
Galaxies News -- ScienceDaily
Galaxies - Scientific American
Stars (Sun)
Online Books
Physics of Star Formation in Galaxies: Saas-Free Advanced Course 29. F. Palla, H. Zinnecker
Accretion Processes in Star Formation by Lee Hartmann
Principles of Star Formation by Peter Bodenheimer
Hyper Text Book
The Formation of Stars by Steven W. Stahler, Fracesca Palla
An Introduction to Star Formation by Derek Ward-Thompson and Anthony P. Whitworth
Stellar Evolution - Nucleosynthesis by Sean G. Ryan,  Andrew J Norton
Physics of Stallar Evolution and Cosmology by Howard S. Goldberg, Michael D Scadron
Observer's Guide to Stellar Evolution: The Birth, Life and Death of Stars by Micael Inglis
Online Articles
Scholarly Articles for Stars (Sun) Scientific Articles
Our Solar System: The Sun - National Geographic
Overview | Sun – Solar System Exploration: NASA Science
Sun News -- ScienceDaily
The Secret Life of the Sun : Article : Scientific American - Nature
Planetary Science
Solar System
Online Books
NASA What is our Solar System? A Story Book Our Solar System
Planetary Science: The Science of Planets Around Stars
Fundamental Planetary Science: Physics, Chemistry and Habitability
Our Solar System: Revised Edition
Where is Our Solar System?
The New Solar System
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Scientific Articles
Our Solar System - National Geographic
Solar System News -- ScienceDaily
Solar System - Discover Magazine
News – Solar System Exploration: NASA Science
BBC Focus Magazine: Why does the Earth spin?
The Universe
Online Books
The Universe By A. Silverstein, V. Silverstein, V.B. Silverstein, L.S. Nunn
The Universe By Seymour Simon
The Universe By Jacqueline A Ball, Gareth Stevens Publishg
The Universe: A Challenge to the Mind By Jacqaues Vanier
The Universe: In Brief, As I Understand it, With a Description of the Earth and...
Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Scientific Articles
Astronomy News - Space Science - Articles and Images -
Origin of the Universe : Article : Scientific American - Nature
The Origins of the Universe | National Geographic
Universe | An Open Access Journal from MDPI
Universe Today: The Milky Way is Actually Warped - Universe Today