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The Civil War
1861 to 1865

Civil WarAn American internal conflict between the northern states (Union Forces) and the southern states (Confederate Forces) over issues such as slavery, states rights, secession, economic domination and cultural differences. From the firing on Fort Sumter to the surrender of Lee at Appomatics the war was costly in lives, property and economic development, since it involved Americans fighting and killing Americans on United States soil. Even today many issues and problems in the 21st America can trace their foundations to this war.
General Overview: 1,100,000 casualties, 620,000 lives   Source: Civil War Statistics Click Here for more Statistic
General Data:
Northern Army Dead: 89,753 Wounded: 275,175 Total 664,928  
Southern Army Dead: 289,000 Wounded: 194,026 Total: 483,026
Lincoln Slavery War   Civil War Reconstruction
Lincoln Slavery War   Glossary Reconstruction
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American Civil War by EHistory
The Civil War by Bruce Catton
The Causes of the Civil War by K.Stampp
History of the Civil War1861-1865 by J. F. Rhodes
The American Civil War: A Handbook of Literature and Research
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