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SlaverySlavery: the ownership of one person by another. Slavery has always existed in human history. Every ancient civilization, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Asian, Greek, Roman, British, French, Spanish and American had this terrible aspect of their societies and economies. Even today it exists in different forms.
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Civil War African History World History Glossary
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US History
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 by William Ellery Channing

Slavery: Letters and Speeches

by Horace Mann
The Abolition of Slavery Through the British Colonies
Slavery: The Many Faces of a Southern Institution by Peter J. Parish
Slavery from Africa to the Americas by Christine Hatt
The Abolition of Slavery the Right of the Government Under the War Power by William Loyd Garrison
North American Slave Narratives Collection of books and articles.
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A History of Slavery in the United States | National Geographic Society
Eight articles by historians on the history of slavery
An American Tragedy: The legacy of slavery lingers in our cities' ghettos
Scholarly Slavery Articles
PBS Slavery and The Making of America
Report of Brown University
Slavery's Explosive Growth in Charts " Who 20 and Odd" Became Millions
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BBC African Holocaust Terrible Transformation
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Modern Slavery
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