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Ethnic Diversity
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United States History
United States (American) History: the study of the United States history from the advent of the Native Americans to the present. The United States, as a country, spans over two centuries. Founded as a great democratic experiment it has survived a major civil war, growth and expansion, two major world wars, numerous economic turmoil's, constant struggles of groups and individuals to gain denied rights, now it is facing challenges in a world of growing authoritarian rule, terrorism, economic insecurity, and climate change.
Native Americans Age of Exploration Colonial America American Revolution Post Revolutionary America
 Americans Exploration Colonial Revolution Post Revolution
Westward Movement Slavery Civil War Gilded Age Reconstruction
Westward Slavery Civil War  Gilded Age Reconstruction
Old West Industrial Revolution Agricultural Revolution Modern History US History Future
Old West Industrialization Agricultural Modern Future
Archaeology Anthropology Article WebResources World History
Archaeology Anthropology Articles  Resources  World History