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Constitutional Law
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How Laws are Made England
School House Law How a Bill Becomes a Law
Crash Course How a Bill Becomes a Law

General Laws Creating Teaching and Enforcement
Laws established by the legislature. Laws dictate how we as a society act in concert to protective ourselves, our families, business and civil rights. There are two forms of laws criminal and civil (common). Another form of law is international law which controls how nations interact with one another.
  Court Legislature Executive Police Laws
  Judicial  Legislative Executive Criminology Forms of Laws
Online Resources
FindLaw Stupid Laws Electric Law Library Internet Resource Legal Guide
Dumb Laws Strange Laws Internet Law Library Legal Information Institute
Infographic Wikipedia News State Laws Findlaw Findlaw Library of Congress Legal Information
eNotes Fact Monster FindLaw Civil Rights Wikipedia List of Laws
RefDesk FindLaw Edu National Archives Bloomberg List of Laws & Reg.
Articles Street Law Emory Law School Library of Congress Pub. Laws
Writing Laws
Who Writes Laws Wikipedia Writing Laws LawCrossing Paralegal Forms
Law Enforcement
The Balance Bureau of Labor Wikipedia Enforcement Discover Agencies
Teaching Law
Tolerance Law Teaching Mercer Law School American Bar Association
AQA WrightsLaw Harvard Law School National Archives
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