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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Student School Conferences
Parent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child. Often to enhance a students learning and insure that he or she is following established rules of behavior the parents, teachers and administration must meet to understand what needs to be done for their success.
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Administration Report Card Guidance Study  Guide Discipline
Online Books

Implementing Student-Led Conferences

By Jane M. Bailey, Thomas R. Guskey

The Parent-Teacher Partnership: How to Work Together for Student Achievement

By Scott Mandel

101 Ideas for Parent Conferences, Grades K - 6

By Instructional Fair

Understanding and Managing Children's Classroom Behavior: Creating ...

By Sam Goldstein, Robert B. Brooks

Back to School for Parents: A Guide to Help Parents Improve their Children's ...

By Michael D. Buford, B.A., MEd.

The Essential Conversation: What Parents and Teachers Can Learn from Each Other

By Sara Lawrence Lightfoot
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1. Never go into a conference with an eye to a confrontation, a conference is not a court.
2. Be on time.
3. Parent make sure you discuss the situation the night before with your child, insist that he or she be honest with you on all the aspects (grades, discipline, truancy, friendships, teacher interaction).
Make sure the topic and objectives are clear before the meeting.
4. Bring with you any papers, materials or other pieces of information that might help clarify the purpose of the conference.
5. All sides need to plan for time to discuss the issue completely.
6. All sides need to maintain a positive attitude and self control.
7. Keep the topics relative to the issues and old solved issues are not reintroduced.
8. Take notes.
9. If the parents or teachers are not happy with the results, they can always call in senior administrator or union official to help mediate the issues.