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Parental Student Report Card Advice

ParentsParent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child. A report card is designed to provide the parents with information on how their child is doing in his or her classes. It is not meant to be a sort of punishment but as a measure of progress. Parents should use it to determine where they need to work on improvement.
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1.Heroes and Helpers Resource Book for Teachers and Parents
2.Making Our High Schools Better: How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together
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4.Teachers & Parents Together
5.The Parent-Teacher Partnership: How to Work Together for Student Achievement
1. Report cards are an indication where improvements need to be made. Use it as a starting point for remediation.
2. Contact the teacher when there is sign of poor performance or you feel the grade is inaccurate. Set up a conference  whose main objective is to help the student improve his grade.
3. Keep track of your child's work and grades before the card are issued. Many school systems now put them online, thus you will avoid any surprises.
4. Studies show that parent involvement in school activities result in success in school and better report cards.
If the school does not have online updates create your own report system i.e.. a form listing the date and grades with a teacher's initials.
5. Use positive responses to a good report card, take him or her to a movie, make a special meal, don't infer that it is a bribe. A student should strive to enjoy and love what they are learning.
6. Use The Classroom pages test taking, homework  and study skills to help them work through any indicated weaknesses.

7. Some grades do not reflect a student's  potential. It could be the result of not being challenged or motivated. This could be the result of a teacher teaching out of field or a mistake in scheduling.  Review with the teacher and the guidance counselor to evaluate his or her potential. If you find he or she is improperly placed open a dialog on a transfer or remedial help.