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Parental Student Library Skills Advice

ParentsParent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child.
The library can be a great place to take your child. It has all the reference and materials you can use to advance your child's academic endeavors.
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1. Libraries are a great source of information, advice and experiences that you should share with your child.
2. Get a library card for you and your child no matter how young they are.
3. Go with your child on a routine basis, and encourage them to read for pleasure and learning.
4. Review the Library Page in The Classroom to understand its roll and function.
5. Encourage your child to respect the intellectual atmosphere of a library by teaching them to talk quietly and understand that it is not a play area.
6. Help your children and teenagers select library resources that are age appropriate.
7. Get to know the librarians, they are a great source of information and expertise.
8. Let them see you reading browsing and checking out materials.
9. Once your child is old enough to visit the library alone, show an interest in what they bring home, not as a critic but as a genuine participant in their intellectual development.
10. Encourage your child to respect the materials. If they bring home material, you consider inappropriate, discuss it with them, often they will not seek information because they are embarrassed or afraid. This is a great teaching moment for you and your spouse. If materials are lost, damaged or destroyed discuss their responsibilities and have them work off any fines or payments.
11. Support your library with donations and political Support.