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Preschool Elementary Parents
Elementary School: The learning period that usually goes from first to fifth grade.
Preschool: The aspect of education that prepares the child for Elementary School.
ParentsCongratulations, you have now reached the next big step in the development of your child's future. Hopefully you have created the sold foundation for which your child can grow and mature. Now you must work on building the walls and roof of their world. Encourage them to explore the world both physically and intellectually. Give them room to grow and have fun in life. Give them cover and support for the many trials and tribulations that this stage will provide. Provide windows of light so they can learn and be enlightened.
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Online Books
Handbook of Parenting: Volume I: Children and Parenting
Handbook of Parenting: Being and becoming a parent, Volume 3
Handbook of Child Psychology, Social, Emotional, and Personality Development
Handbook of Parenting: Theory and Research for Practice
The Evidence-based Parenting Practitioner’s Handbook
1. Love them with all your heart. 4. Expand their experiences with travel.
2. Play with them often. 5. Use punishment wisely.
3. Read to them and with them. 6. You are their first teachers.
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