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First Day for Elementary and Preschoolers
ParentsThe first day of school is the day in which the teacher first contacts his or her students. It can be crucial to how the year will progress. What a proud day. You now must take your child to their very first day of school. It can be both sad and joyful as you reach the school and say good bye to your love one. But take heart it is their first step into world of knowledge, fun and interaction with others their age.
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Online Books
What Did You Do Today?: The First Day of School By Toby Forward, Carol Thompson
My First day at School By Rebecca Hunter
Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal with Separation By Diane Peters Mayer MSW
We're All different But We're all Kitty Cats: First Day of School By Peter J. Goodman
Daddy, Tell Me a Story about the First Day of School By Jim Hawkins
My First Day at Nursery School By Becky Edwards, Anthony Flintoft

Parents Overcoming Separation Anxiety on the First Day of School

My First Day at Nursery School

By Becky Edwards, Anthony Flintoft
What a day! Your child is going to school for the first time. This is a time of great anticipation, anxiety and sorrow.
That little baby you have nurtured and protected will now begin a move into a wider world. Here are some tips to help you make this transition:
1. Both parents need to visit the school ahead of time, meet the staff, explore the building and ask specific questions.
2. Talk to your child ahead of time so that he or she understands that you are not abandoning them and still love them.
3. Have a good positive breakfast with the child and express excitement about the coming event.
4. Pack a healthy lunch with a little note reminding them how much you love and miss them.
5. Walk with them to the school door (holding their hand is a wonderful touch).
6. Give them a hug and a kiss before they enter the school.
7. Watch them as they walk away (often the child will turn to see if you are still there).
8. When they get home cheerfully greet them with a smile and a hug, ask them how their day went.
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