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BlogWelcome to our Blog! Do you have an Idea about current education? Here is a place for you to state what is on your mind. Please this is not a place to advertise your company or products! Such a comment will not be posted! All comments must be relevant, non commercial, legal, civil, education related, non threatening,  and non-political.
The opinion below are the result of my professional experiences as an: historian, webmaster, master teacher, teacher's union vice president and president, parent and grandparent.
Class Size November 2 2019
Class size is vital to success in the classroom. My experience is the larger the number students the harder it became for me to stay on task and for the students to concentrate on their assignments. The quality of instruction always declined and I could see frustration in new and some experienced teachers to fulfill their jobs. Often the new and experienced teachers would not renew their contracts and in some cases beginning teachers would not complete their first year. Increasing class size is often the result of poor funding, bad management and inexperienced administrators.
Class Size Matters research on Class Size presents some of the latest articles on both the short term and long term effects on the student's education and even health. Great Schools in their article How Important is Class Size, the University of California's Research's Article  The Class Size Debate: What the Evidence Means for Education Policy, and NEA's Does Class Size Really Matter explores the effects of class size.