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Mountain Men
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Mountain Men

Mountain MenFollowing America's War of Independence the United States expanded beyond its borders. Through diplomacy, negotiations and war she rapidly moved to the Pacific Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande, the Canadian Border and Alaska. The early explorers of the west were men called Mountain Men. They traveled alone, worked with the Native Americans and made a living from pelts and trading.
Native Americans
Native Americans
Online Books

Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West: Eighteen Biographical Sketches

edited by LeRoy Reuben Hafen

Jim Bridger, Mountain Man: A Biography

By Stanley Vestal

Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Grizzly Bears: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in ...

By Matthew P. Mayo

A Life Wild and Perilous: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific

By Robert M. Utley