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Driver's Education

Driver's Education: a course designed to teach individuals the techniques, laws and procedures for driving safely. Each state or governmental agency has specific laws, rules and regulations which determine what a driver can and cannot do. Learn the requirements to avoid a ticket or an accident.
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It is the law in all the states of the union and in many other countries to use your safety belts.
Texting can and does cause a distraction that can lead to an accident. Don't text and drive.
Do your homework the night before. Don't try driving while trying to do the work.
Trying to talk to your friends or sight seeing while driving is a distraction. Be aware of the road at all times.
Keep both of your hands on the wheel at all times.
Eating while driving can and is a distraction. Stop the car and either eat in the restaurant.
Packing your car with your friends overloads the car and makes it very difficult to drive.
Don't drink or take drugs before you drive!
Use a helmet when riding a motorcycle..
Anger and frustrated can distract you, take a deep breath and relax
Yes the traffic laws apply to you so drive defensively.
Not everyone on the road wants to hear the music you are playing.
Tips for taking your car on a Vacation
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