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YouTube-Legislatuve Branch
CSpan-How a Bill Becomes a Law
How a bill becomes law School House Rock
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Legislative Branch
LegislatureThe part of government that makes the laws. Most laws are created through a process in which it is proposed by a legislature or executive, reviewed by a committees in public and voted on by the entire legislative body.
Government Politics Problems Laws Committees
Government Politics Issues Laws Committees
Special Interest Campaign Finance Court Executive Bureacracy
Lobbyist Financing Judicial Executive Jobs
Online Books
An Introduction to the U.S. Congress
Representation in State Legislatures
Congress: Games and Strategies
The American Congress
Legislatures: Comparative Perspectives on Representative Assemblies
Foreign Policy and Legislatures: An Analysis of Seven Parliaments
Legislative Branch of Government
Online Resources
FirstGov Congressional Database on Votes
C-Span Wikipedia-List of World Legislatures
Ben's Guide LegiStorm Basic Wikipedia-United States Congress
Smart Voter About-Information About-Committee System
Congress Link-Know your Congress with Lesson plans and Historical Materials.
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House House Leadership House Committees
Senate Senate Leadership Senate Committees
GovSpot Harvard Law UNODC-Foreign
Cornell-Law Project Smart Vote
WorldLii Legal Contacting Congress World Law Guide
Yale-Foreign Office of the Clerk Library of Congress Votes
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SmartVote Online Issues Congressional Digest Open Congress United States Department of State