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World History Articles and Books
World History: the study of our development from its pre-historic time to the present. It is our struggle to tame the environment, expand our economic, political, social, military and cultural influences. Often wars developed, environments were disrupted and humans over millions of years expanded from Africa to the far ends of the globe.
World History
World History
Online Books
Google Online Books
World History Societies of the Past
The Essentials of World History
A Dictionary of World History
1001 Battles That Changed World History
National Geographic Concise History of the World
The Illustrated Timeline of World History
Online Articles
Smithsonian New York Times Art and Social Studies Journals Google Scholarly Articles UH Press Journals Log
Economist On This Day Social Studies for Kids
Newslea History Net World History Literature initiative
World History National Geographic The College of Scholastica
LiveScience History Today HT World History Journal Articles
Past Factory: Surprising Facts About The Ancient Roman Empire
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