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Teaching Courage to Kids
National Bullying Prevention Center
Bullying You Can Stop It!
Stand Up a Short Film on Bullying
Wednesdays Child the Movie Anti Bullying and Crime Crime
Cyber Bullies - part of Anti-Bullying Week. A film by West Yorkshire Police & Scissett Middle School
Anti Bullying Video It Only Takes One
Wednesdays Child the movie. Anti-bully and gun crime film.
Bullying - You Can Stop It
Cyber bully (Full movie)
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Bullying Articles and Books
ArticlesBullying: the intellectual,  physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual intimidation of an individual. Bullying if not checked can cause serious mental, emotional and physical damage to any child or adult.
Bullying Glossary Cyberbullying Bully Discipline Guidance
Bullying Internet Safety Crime Discipline Guidance
Online Books
Bullying in School and What Do You Do About it By Ken Rigby

Bullying in Schools: How Successful Can Interventions Be?

By Peter K. Smith, Debra Pepler, Ken Rigby
Preventing Bullying in Schools: A Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals
Dealing with Bullying in Schools a Training Manual for Teachers, Mona O' Moor, Stephen James Minton
Hot Topics in Cyber Bullying By Nick Hunter
Cyber Bullying: Activities to Help Children and Teens to Stay Safe...By Vanessa Rogers
Frequently Asked Questions About Cyberbullying By Teri Brequet
Tulane University 2018 Guide to Cyberbulling Awareness
Online Bullying Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Bullying
Elementary Teachers' Attitudes and Intervention Strategies Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention
Josh’s story: getting bullied at school
Independent Articles and Reports on Bullying
Law and Policy on the Concept of Bullying at School
MedicineNet General Information on Bullying
The Conversation A dangerous mix: Bullied youth report access to loaded guns more than other youth
The Psychological Effects of Bullying on Kids & Teens
More research needed to prevent, understand bullying, report finds
Bullying Harms Victims and Perpetrators of All Ages
BULLYING, Bullycide and Childhood Obesity
United States Department of Education Articles on Bullying
Workplace Bullying: A Tale of Adverse Consequences
Bully Victims: Psychological and Somatic Aftermaths
APA How Parents Teachers and Kids Can Take Action to Prevent Bullying
Centers for Disease Control Prevent Bullying
United States Department of Education Bullying Reports
NHS Parents Guide to Prevent Bullying
National Education Association Preventing Bullying
Cyber Bullying Articles
Cyber Bullying: What Teachers, Social Workers and Administrators Should Know.
51 Critical Statistics on Cyber Bullying in 2019
Scientific American Social Media Cyber Bullying Linked to Teen Depression
Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress: A Regional Census of High School StudentsCyberbullying: What Teachers and Schools Can Do
Maryville University "What Is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents, and Teachers.”