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Physical Education

Physical Education
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YouTube High School Sports Techiques
YouTube College Sports Techniques
YouTube Olympic Sports Techniques
Sport psychology - inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth
Sports Visualization Techniques Sochi Olympics and Mental Performance Training for athletes
Developing Championship Concentration
Your Concentration Can Make Or Break Your Performance: A Former World Champion's Story
Do You REALLY Want to Reach Your Athletic Dreams?
Want to Become a Champion
Does Yelling at your Players Help them WIN More?
What if Your Coach Yells at You
Do's and Don'ts for Championship Game Performance
Why Do I Perform Better in Practice than in Games?
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Paul Zientarski Ted Talks
BBC Shocking Truths About Diet & Exercise
No Running
Need to Know PBS
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Sports Business Journal
The Sport's Journal
Healthy Children
Journals for Physical Education and Sports
Data Statistics and Facts
Sports Statistics - Sport Management - LibGuides at Drexel university ..
women's sports & fitness facts & statistics - Women's Sports Foundation
Athletes and Sports Competitors - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Are Sport Analytics the Best Way to Gauge Athletic Talent & Potential ..
How Can Statistics Help Build Better Athletes? – Footnote
History and evidence show school sports help students win ..
Sports Statistics - Sport Management - LibGuides at Drexel university ...
Participation Statistics - NFHS
Statistics on Kids Involved in Sports |
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Physical Education
Sports Articles, Books and Videos
Physical Education: The curriculum in which the students learn how to build their bodies, maintain fitness and understand the value of working as a group.
Online Books
Archery: The Art of Repetition By Simon Needham
Precision Archery By Steve Ruis, Claudia Stevenson
Chinese Archer By Steven Belby
Beginner's Guide to Traditional Archery By Brian Sorrels
Traditional Archery By Sam Fadala
An Essay on Archery: Describing the Practice of that Art, in All ..By Walter Michale Mosely
Online Articles
World Archery Scholarly Articles The New York Times
(PDF) Biomechanics Measurements in Archery - ResearchGate
10 things every new archer should know | World Archery
Online Books
The Ultimate Baseball Book: The Classic Illustrated History By Daniel Okrent, Harris Lewine, David Nemec
Why Baseball Matters By Susan Jacoby
Baseball By Clive Gifford
Baseball: How It Works By David Dreier
Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture By Edward Rielly
Online Articles
BizTech Google Scholarly Articles Baltimore Sun  
American Baseball Coaches Association
Baseball Resources at the Library of Congress: External Web Sites ...
Motor Control Training for Amateur Baseball NCBI
Online Books
The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy By Bill Simmons
Basketball By Clive Gifford
Complete Conditioning for Basketball By Bill Foran and Robin Pound
Basketball: The Math of the Game By Thomas Adamson
Basketball Step-by-Step By Brian Burns and Mark Dunning
Online Articles
ResearchGate Scholarly Articles Inside USA Basketball US Amateur Basketball
The NBA and Youth Basketball: Recommendations for Promoting a Health and Positive Experience.
Stress and Recovery Balance in Amateur Basketball Players ...
(PDF) Amateur basketball injuries. A prospective studyamong male ..
Bust the Amateur Myth - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Online Books
How to Bowl Like a Pro: Bowling Tips and Lessons for Beginners Ogden Anderson
Bowling For Dummies AJ Forest Lisa Iannucci
Focused for Bowling Dean Hinitz
The Game Changer: A simple system for improving your bowling scores Mark Baker
Let's Go Bowling Eric Dregni
Online Articles
IHSA Scholarly Articles Sports Illustrated New World Encyclopedia
Emergence of Skilled Behaviors in Professional, Amateur and Junior ...
10 Secrets of Bowling Vault Sports Illustrated
Online Books
Joe Louis' How to Box By Joe Lewis
How to Box: A Boxing and Training Handbook By Kerry Pharr
How to Box to Win, how to Build Muscle, how to Breathe, Stand, Wald, by John Terence McGovern, James John Corbett, Gardner Smith...
The Complete Guide to Boxing Fitness: A non-contact boxing training Manual By Hilary Lisserden
Boxing's Ten Commandments: Essential Training for the Sweet Science By Alan Lachica nd Doug Warner
Online Articles
Chronicle Scholarly Articles latimes British Journal of Sports Medicine
Reasons to strength train for amateur boxing - LWW Journals
The Benefits of Amateur Boxing - NCBI - NIH
Neuropsychological Consequences of Boxing and ... - Oxford Journals
Online Books
Cheerleading Basics By Lisa Mullarkey
The Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading: For Cheerleaders and Coaches By Leslie Wilson
Cheerleader: Ready? Okay! Elissa Stein
Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleader By Kate Torgovnick
Cheerleading Stunts and Tumbling Caitlin Leffe
Online Articles Scholarly Articles Cincy Magazine ACTIVE NFHS
Cheerleading-Related Injuries in the United States: A Prospective ...
A Neurosurgeon's Guide to Sports-related Head Injury
Online Books
Sports Illustrated The Football Book Expanded Edition
Newton's Football: The Science Behind America's Game
Sports Illustrated: The College Football Book
Football: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety Brian Wingate
Football: How It Work By Agnieszka Biskup
Online Articles
MaxPreps Scholarly Articles Chicago Tribune The State
Cumulative Head Impact Burden in High School Football - NCBI
The impact of tackle football injuries on the American ... - NCBI
Should School Boards Discontinue Support for High School Football ..
Probability of Competing Beyond High School | - The ...
Online Books
The Inner Game of Golf By W. Timothy Gallwey
Power Golf By Ben Hogan
The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History By Brandel Chamblee
The Everything Golf Book: Essential Rules, Useful Tips, Amusing By Rich Mintzer
Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
Online Articles
NFHS Scholarly Articles ThoughtCo AJGA
The Mental and Physical Benefits of Golf are the Perfect Excuse to Squeeze in a Round
Top 10 Golf Drills Ever!
Improve Your Short Game at Home: The Complete Guide to a Backyard Putting Green
Improving Your Golf Game: A Good Mental Pre-Shot Routine
Golf Nutrition: What to Eat Before, During & After Playing?
Teaching Golf to Kids - The Parent’s Guide
Online Books
The Science of Gymnastics: Advanced Concepts Monèm Jemni
Gymnastics: Your Best Meet Ever! By Rita Brown
Teaching Fundamental Gymnastics Skills By Debby Mitchell, Barbara Davis, Raim Lopez
Gymnastics: How to Create Champions By Leonid Arkaev, N.G. Suchilin
Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Coaches, Gymnast and Parents By  Joseph Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo
Online Articles Scholarly Articles NCBI - NIH
Women's Collegiate Gymnastics: A Multifactorial ... - LWW Journals
Balancing the risk of injury to gymnasts - British Journal of Sports ...
Science of Gymnastics Journal | RG Journal Impact Rankings 2017 ...
Science of Gymnastics journal - Gymnastics BC
Online Books
Hockey: The Basics (Ice) By Zdenek Pavlis
Behind the Bench: Inside the Minds of Hockey's Greatest Coaches By Craig Custance and Sideny Crosby
Hockey: How It Works By Agniezka Biskup
Hockey: The Math of the Game By Shane Fredrick
Field Hockey 2nd Edition: Steps to Success By Elizabeth Anders
Online Articles
HockeyShot Scholarly Articles USA Hockey Magazine SportsEngine
Concussion in youth ice hockey: It's time to break the cycle - NCBI
Strength and Conditioning Practices of National Hockey ... - LWW Journals
Probability of Competing Beyond High School |
Online Books
Advanced Soccer Drills By Colin Schmit
Soccer - Perfect Shooting Techniques By Thomas Dooley and Christian Titz
Goalkeeping for Soccer: Techniques, Skills and Practices By Simon Smith
Soccer Technique for Winning By Derek Smethurst
Soccer The Right Technique: How To Coach Soccer Skills By TJMartin
Online Articles
ACTIVE Scholarly Articles Soccer Pilot


ScienceDaily Soccer Training Info
An Epidemiologic Comparison of High School Sports Injuries ... - NCBI
Soccer improves health, fitness and social abilities -- ScienceDaily
The Case for High School Activities - NFHS
Swimming and Diving 
Online Books
Olympic Swimming and Diving By Greg Kehm
The Ultimate Guide to Swimming and Diving Nutrition: Maximize Your Potential By Joseph Corea
Swim Coaching Bible, Volume I,  By Dick Hannula and Nort Thorton
Science Behind Swimming, Diving, and Other Water Sports By Amanda Lanser
Swimming Anatomy By Ian Mcleod
Online Articles 
wikiHow Google Scholarly Articles Swimming World News  
WEST Swimming Technique
To Swim or Not To Swim - NFHS
Does High-School Swimming Matter? - WSJ - Wall Street Journal
Online Books
World-class Tennis Technique By Paul Roetert and Jack L. Groppel
Tennis Technique Bible Volume One By Chris Lewit
Tennis Skills & Drills By Joey Rive and Scott C Williams
Tennis Drill Book 2nd Edition By Hoskins-Burney and Tina Carrington 
Complete Conditioning for Tennis 2nd Edition By The United States Tennis Association
Online Articles  
NCBI - NIH Scholarly Articles ITF Tennis Optimum Tennis Credo Reference
How To Survive on A Women's Tennis Team: 8 Essential Facts You ...
10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Tennis Game |
How to Find Out My Tennis Skill Level |
Track and Field 
Online Books
USA Track & Field Coaching Manual By Joseph L Rogers
Fundamentals of Track and Field By Gerry and Gerald Carr
Coaching Track & Field Successfully By Mark Guthrie
Getting Started in Track and Field Athletics-advice, ideas and great stories for parents, coaches, teachers, and young athletes By Gary Barber
Learn'n More about Track and Field: Handbook/Guide for Kids, Parents and Coaches By Bob Swope
Online Articles
Scholastic Scholarly Articles The Sport Journal Everything Track and Field
Facts About Running Track and Field |
A History of Track and Field Sports on the Grass and Turf | Articles ..
Kids sports -track and field - cost, commitment, equipment, age ...
Online Books
Volleyball: Techniques and Tactics By Toni Gaouzi Tahtough (PHD)
Thinking Volleyball By Mike Herbert
The Art of Volleyball Hitting By John L Bowman
Volleyball: Steps to Success By Bonnie Kenny and Cindy Gregory
Volleyball Fundamentals By Joel Dearing Human Kinetics
Online Articles
NCBI - NIH Scholarly Articles ResearchGate Human Kinetics Journals
Injury risk is low among world-class volleyball players: 4-year data ...
Relationship between agility and jump ability in amateur beach ...
History of Volleyball | NCVA
Online Books
Strength Training Bible for Men: The Complete Guide to Lifting for Power Strength and Performance By William Smith and David Krschen
Weight Training for Life By James L Hesson
Weight Training 4th Edition: Steps to Success By Thomas R Baechle and Roger W Earle
Weight Training For Dummies By Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg and Shirley J Archer
Strength Training, 2E By Brown Lee
Online Articles
LWW Journals Scholarly Articles Barbell Strategy Digital Track and Field
An Overview of Strength Training Injuries: Acute ... - Semantic Scholar
The History of Strength Training | The Sport Digest
(PDF) Nutrition guidelines for strength sports: Sprinting, weightlifting ...
Online Books
Wrestling Drill Book 2nd Edition By Bill Welker
Wrestling For Dummies By Henry Cejudo and Phil Willenbrock
Beginning Wrestling By Thomas Ryan and Julie Sampson
Coaching Wrestling Successfully By Dan Gable
Coaching Youth Wrestling By American Sports Education Program
Online Articles
Team USA Scholarly Articles FloWrestling Support USA Wrestling
The Oldest Sport | National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Youth Wrestling Articles, News, Skills & Drills, Coaching Tips & More
Competitive Wrestling-related Injuries in School Aged Athletes in U.S. ...