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TeachersDiscipline: Through out history discipline has taken many forms. It varied from society to society and time to time. Often it was harsh and and deadly and at other times it was understanding and corrective. In essence it is the process by which individuals and groups maintained order in a classroom, home or society.
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Discipline November 10 2019
Teacher: Teachers are responsible for the way the class operates. Never allow a minor situation to grow into a confrontation. Learn how to deal with confrontation in a professional manner. No learning can take place if the atmosphere is chaotic and uneasy. Always maintain a positive, cooperative approach to discipline. Get to know them and understand their individual needs.Talk to parents, guidance, coaches and other teachers on how they are dealing with  a student's discipline issues. Understand the root causes of misbehavior. Often students will come to school with baggage from home, the halls, the neighborhood or relationships. Bear in mind that in some cases you are the only one that is there for them and truly cares about their welfare.

In referring a student don't overdue the frequency for "sending the student to the office" administration will think you can not handle your class and the referrel loses its impact. It should be used in a situation which you can not immediately handle or has gone beyond your efforts with security, parents, other teachers or guidance.

Keep an open ongoing contact with the students, parents, guidance and administration. Yes by all means contact the parent if the student is disruptive, rude or hostile. Be honest with them and don't be afraid to give professional suggestions. Contact the parents when they are doing well or have done something surprisingly positive. The parents will know you care and be more willing to help if the need arises. You might want to review some of my suggestions on the Teacher Discipline page.
Parent:  Your methods used are vital to teach and enforce rules of conduct and prevent behavioral problems. It can involve punishments, rewards and reinforcements that instill self-control, encourage positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors. Use positive parenting techniques and keep a close contact with the teachers, administrators and guidance. You need to be aware of their activities, in and out of school. Find out what are the core issues that are causing the school issues. Work with the school to enhance both the learning and disciplinary condition. If you receive a report of a problem contact, don't be confrontational and and get the facts concerning the issue before confronting the child. If a parent conference is necessary go in with an open mind and try working with the school to resolve the issues. One suggestion contact guidance if you feel the issue can not be resolve through other means. Review our suggestions on the Discipline Page
Administration: Principals and Assistant Principals hold the key to maintaining a stable school environment.Teachers will maintain order if they feel the administration has their support.

Hiring the best and the brightest can prevent many possible issues. In their deliberations they must think hard what will be the best for the students.

Understanding their roll as an administrator is vital.Teachers will respect them if they feel they are being treated in a professional, fair, consistent, unbiased and caring manner. If a teacher is having difficulty a good administrator needs to understand and correct the root causes; class size, class composition, misplacement, or lack of training.

Principals and their assistants, when dealing with students, must never allow ethnicity, race, gender, student status, community connections or his or her opinion of the teacher to interfere with the fair adjudication of the issues causing the discipline problem. Students, parents and teachers will as a result have greater respect for the administrator and find their jobs a great deal easier.