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Middle School Parents
ParentsMiddle School: The transition years (6th, 7th and 8th grades) between Primary School and High School. At one time this period was called Junior High School which covered 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Its stated purpose is to prepare the student for High School..
You made it through the trials and tribulation of the elementary school and now you must face your child's transition. The Middle School has great challenges as he or she's hormones kick in and their mental and physical conditions change from day to day if not minute by minute. Strengthen your self with the understanding that it will soon change.
Parental Resources
         Parental Resources
Information and advice on child care, preschool, tutors, cheating, parent conferences, guidance, homework, library, testing, report cards, discipline, summer camp, advice, first day, security, cafeteria, transportation, tutors, and vacationing. (Click Here).
Online Books

Parents' Guide to the Middle School Years

By Joe Bruzzese

Middle School Makeover: Improving the Way You and Your Child Experience the ...

By Michelle Icard

Middle School: The Inside Story: What Kids Tell Us, But Don't Tell You

By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, Sue Acuņa
Middle School and the Age of Adjustment by Aileen Bernstein

Parenting: What Really Counts?

By Susan Golombok

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child, Revised and Updated Edition: The ...

By Rex Forehand, Nicholas Long
1. This is the period of growth between their developing bodies and minds of the elementary school and the preliminary stabilization of high school. Hormonal, physical and emotional adjustments will come fast and furious, prepare for a whirlwind.
2. Be there for them, they will need you to the extreme.
3. Watch their use of Social Media, their Cell Phones and the Computer. These modern forms of communication and entertainment can easily dominate their lives, you can and should put in restrictions.
4. Talk to their teachers and guidance personal often and consistently.
5. Check their grades and progress reports and show genuine interest and support