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The Classroom


Welcome to The Classroom
A one stop free education resource for primary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, students, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, librarians and parents. Want to help maintain the site? We are maintained by a group of highly dedicated volunteers and want to continue giving you the best resources available. Please don't hesitate and make a donation of any amount! Whether you are a teacher, administrator, parent or student The Classroom is here to provide you with resources, advice and tools for success!
The Classroom
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The Classroom is comprehensive and yet simple to use. You have several ways of finding information.
1. Type in a keyword (s) in the search engine and click find.
2. Click on the Index or Site Map to the left and utilize either comprehensive index.
3. Once on one of our  pages, just click on any of the links that will open sites, articles, eBooks, legal document, journals, databases, videos, lectures and advice related to your field of interest (indicated with a ).
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High School Teachers Middle School Teachers Primary School Teachers Administration
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High School Students Middle School Students Primary School Students Guidance
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High School Subjects Middle School Subjects Primary School Subjects Library
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College Professors College Parents College Students Special Education
The Classroom provides resources in: education, administration, guidance, test writing, test taking, homework, tutor, English as a second language, educational research, grade books, study guides, educational games, online schools, home schools, private schools, academies, public schools, special educationlesson plans, worksheets, collegegrants and scholarships, contemporary affairs, ethnic diversity, Native Americans, African Americans, European Americans, Asian Americans, United States history, world history, social science, art, music, business education, physical education, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field, cheerleading, bowling, boxing, wrestling, health, drivers education, coaching, library science, sociology, psychology, current events, English, grammar composition, spelling, religion, American literature, world literature, home economics, business education, mathematics, general mathematics, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, science, science fair project, weather, astronomy, earth science, physics, chemistry, parenting, retirement, transportation